Here at Magna Beds we are proud to source and manufacture all of our bed frames and headboards within the heart of Yorkshire, handmade to precision.

Our quality assurance team has rigorous processes, ensuring all of our products are of a high quality before we make them available for our customers. Whilst having quality in mind, we appreciate that sometimes issues may arise after the production process and the item is in your home.

We are pleased to offer our customers a 3 year warranty on all of our bed frames, headboards and mattresses.

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects that we may not have noticed on our products. If you do have any issues with your product(s) then feel free to contact our customer service team and we will be more than happy to assist you with any queries.

We can offer you a full refund for your item, free comprehensive advice or a replacement of the item you are experiencing issues with.

Unfortunately our warranty policy does not cover accidental damage or anything of that nature, however our team of bed specialists will be more than happy to offer any advice on repairs. Just give us an email or call and we will promptly get back to you with the necessary information to rectify your issue.

Some important information about our warranty policy

Below are some factors that you must keep in mind if you are looking to return your item under our 3 year warranty policy or are looking for a replacement.

  • Please ensure your item has all of the necessary labels still in tact and attached
  • Ensure no damage has been done by yourself or other parties outside of Magna Beds (if you notice a defect please contact us as promptly as possible so you are still entitled to the warranty policy!)
  • Keep hold of any invoices/receipts we may have forwarded to you with order number, proof of payment etc. This makes the process a lot smoother for both parties involved.