We are here to make your back-to-school bedtime routine easier!

Did you know bedtime routines encourage your children to adopt good sleeping patterns and help them sleep longer throughout the night? Routines can include a warm bath, a story or even listening to gentle, calming music.

Most children get out of their bedtime routine during the school holidays. You should aim to start getting the routine back a week before they are due to start back at school. This gives their bodies time to adjust to going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. 

The Sleep Foundation advises we should change our mattresses around every six years. Mattresses play a big part in our sleep routines. After all, we’ve all struggled to sleep when we can’t get comfy due to our mattress! It’s the same for our little ones.

It can be difficult to push children into a sleeping routine if they are not familiar with them, it’s always better to ease into a routine in anything in life, whether that's exercise, dieting, or studying it can become overwhelming when thrown into the deep end even as an adult. Begin by making bedtime fun, look into investing in some new books, make bedtime baths more fun with bath bombs or bath toys to make this time with your child a bonding experience, as well implementing a routine that they don’t try to get out of doing. 

Mattresses for little sleepers!

When did you last change your children's mattress? At Magna Beds, we have just what you need to refresh your children's bed for the better.

Our 30cm deep Kensington 6000 mattress with 6000 pocket springs regulates temperature with brass air vents to ensure your children cool throughout the night and ensures you drift off into the comfiest of sleeps and wake up re-energized and refreshed! A mattress as luxurious as this is sure to keep your children in a deep sleep and prevent them from waking in the night. 

If you are looking for something that offers ultimate support without breaking the bank, then our Kensington 1000 mattress with 1000 pocket springs is a timeless mattress with its ample fillings of an amazing spring system that offers uniformed support for your children's backs and growing bodies as they sleep. This mattress also features state-of-the-art air vents around the perimeter of the mattress the keep the core refreshed and intact for years of wear.