Linear Upholstered Table Stool Linen...
Linear Upholstered Table Stool Linen...
Linear Upholstered Table Stool Linen...

Linear Upholstered Table Stool Linen - Black Small 61x41cm

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Linen - Black Black
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Linen - Charcoal Charcoal
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Linen - Raspberry Raspberry
Linen - Red Red
Linen - Slate Grey Slate Grey
Linen - Teal Teal
Chenille - Aubergine Aubergine
Chenille - Black Black
Chenille - Cream Cream
Chenille - Charcoal Charcoal
Chenille - Ivory Ivory
Chenille - Zinc Zinc
Chenille - Truffle Truffle
Chenille - Mocha Mocha
Chenille - Purple Purple
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Naples Soft Velvet
Naples Soft Velvet - Black Black
Naples Soft Velvet - Beige Beige
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Naples Soft Velvet - Charcoal Charcoal
Naples Soft Velvet - Ivory Ivory
Naples Soft Velvet - Light Grey Light Grey
Naples Soft Velvet - Mauve Mauve
Naples Soft Velvet - Truffle Truffle
Naples Soft Velvet - Pink Pink
Naples Soft Velvet - Purple Purple
Naples Soft Velvet - Silver Silver
Malia Plush Velvet
Malia Plush Velvet - Black Black
Malia Plush Velvet - Beige Beige
Malia Plush Velvet - Blue Blue
Malia Plush Velvet - Charcoal Charcoal
Malia Plush Velvet - Duck Egg Duck Egg
Malia Plush Velvet - Mustard Mustard
Malia Plush Velvet - Pink Pink
Malia Plush Velvet - Ivory Ivory
Malia Plush Velvet - Silver Silver
Malia Plush Velvet - Burgundy Burgundy
Malia Plush Velvet - Mushroom Mushroom
Malia Plush Velvet - Teal Teal
Malia Plush Velvet - Light Blue Light Blue
Malia Plush Velvet - Emerald Emerald
Malia Plush Velvet - White White
Crush Velvet
Crush Velvet - Black Black
Crush Velvet - Bronze Bronze
Crush Velvet - Oyster Oyster
Crush Velvet - Lavender Lavender
Crush Velvet - Aqua Aqua
Crush Velvet - Silver Silver
Crush Velvet - Ice Ice
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Linear Upholstered Table Stool

The Linear table stool marries a majestic style with tremendous functionality. You’ll love the finish, which comes in light blue plush velvet, but you can tailor it to any look you want. With the freedom to choose the colour and fabric, this table stool is ideal for any home.

You’ll adore the linear design. There is a classic Art Deco feel to this rectangular stool, but lines fit anywhere. You can rest assured that no matter the theme or look of your room, this table stool will command attention and stand out for the best reasons.

The beauty of the Linear table stool is that thanks to the hand furnished manner it was crafted, there is considerable flexibility in how it looks when it arrives in your home.

The Linear table stool is a stunning addition, but it creates a vivid look with complementary items. You can enjoy a bed frame and Ottoman in the same look, allowing you to develop a consistent theme in your home that all your friends will envy.

The Linear table stool rests upon angled chrome metal legs, returning to more practical matters. These are functional but highly fashionable, adding an exquisite feel to the overall look of the table stool.

You have some flexibility when it comes to the size of the table stool that is right for you. For smaller spaces, the small footstool at 61x41cm is ideal. If you have more room to showcase a more dominating feature, the large table stool, which comes in at 92x61cm, will look fantastic in whatever room you place it.

When it comes to making the right impression on others, and feeling great about your home, sometimes it is best to let your furniture speak for you. The Linear table stool, hand furnished and crafted by experts, looks fantastic and feels even better.

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The Linear table stool comes in two sizes, and a variety of colours and fabrics. The linear design grabs attention, and you’ll love the Art Deco look.

4.8 Rating
73 Reviews


4.8 Rating 73 Reviews


Verified Customer

Absolutely excellent service and love our new bed!

3 days ago

Alison Taylor

Verified Customer

Beautiful wm HB bought. Well made. Great price. Excellent packaging. Only thing I don’t like is the advertising of free delivery

13 days ago


Verified Customer

A good range of fabric samples were provided quickly, website provided hood information and designs to choose, easy to order.

20 days ago

Angela Stoney

Verified Customer

Excellent service by magna beds. Fabric sample sent then ordered headboard which arrived sooner than expected... Headboard is of

26 days ago

Alison Young

Verified Customer

Only ordered a headboard but was very pleased with their service. The option to have sample material sent so there would be no d

1 month 21 days ago


Verified Customer

Always wary of ordering an unseen item but I read the reviews. A Superking headboard I'm really happy with for £150. Lovely colo

1 month 24 days ago

Janet Edwards

Verified Customer

Highly delighted with the service

2 month 8 days ago


Verified Customer

Just purchased another headboard from them, again a fabulous item at a sensible price. DElivered on time by a polite and carefu

2 month 14 days ago


Verified Customer

Really efficient swift service; wanted extra fabric and this was arranged simply and delivered at the same time

2 month 25 days ago


Verified Customer

Ordered the Chesterfield Sleigh king size headboard. It was considerably cheaper than similar alternatives found online and stor

3 month 24 days ago