Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame
Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame

Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame 4ft Small Double Linen - Lime

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4ft Small Double 4ft Small Double
4ft 6in Double 4ft 6in Double
5ft King Size 5ft King Size
Linen - Black Black
Linen - Brown Brown
Linen - Charcoal Charcoal
Linen - Duck Egg Duck Egg
Linen - Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
Linen - Lime Lime
Linen - Natural Natural
Linen - Purple Purple
Linen - Silver Silver
Linen - Sand Sand
Linen - Raspberry Raspberry
Linen - Red Red
Linen - Slate Grey Slate Grey
Linen - Teal Teal
Chenille - Aubergine Aubergine
Chenille - Black Black
Chenille - Cream Cream
Chenille - Charcoal Charcoal
Chenille - Ivory Ivory
Chenille - Zinc Zinc
Chenille - Truffle Truffle
Chenille - Mocha Mocha
Chenille - Purple Purple
Chenille - Red Red
Chenille - Steel Steel
Chenille - Teal Teal
Naples Soft Velvet
Naples Soft Velvet - Black Black
Naples Soft Velvet - Beige Beige
Naples Soft Velvet - Blue Blue
Naples Soft Velvet - Charcoal Charcoal
Naples Soft Velvet - Ivory Ivory
Naples Soft Velvet - Light Grey Light Grey
Naples Soft Velvet - Mauve Mauve
Naples Soft Velvet - Truffle Truffle
Naples Soft Velvet - Pink Pink
Naples Soft Velvet - Purple Purple
Naples Soft Velvet - Silver Silver
Crush Velvet
Crush Velvet - Black Black
Crush Velvet - Bronze Bronze
Crush Velvet - Oyster Oyster
Crush Velvet - Lavender Lavender
Crush Velvet - Aqua Aqua
Crush Velvet - Silver Silver
Crush Velvet - Ice Ice
Malia Plush Velvet
Malia Plush Velvet - Black Black
Malia Plush Velvet - Beige Beige
Malia Plush Velvet - Blue Blue
Malia Plush Velvet - Charcoal Charcoal
Malia Plush Velvet - Duck Egg Duck Egg
Malia Plush Velvet - Mustard Mustard
Malia Plush Velvet - Pink Pink
Malia Plush Velvet - Ivory Ivory
Malia Plush Velvet - Silver Silver
Malia Plush Velvet - Burgundy Burgundy
Malia Plush Velvet - Mushroom Mushroom
Malia Plush Velvet - Teal Teal
Malia Plush Velvet - Light Blue Light Blue
Malia Plush Velvet - Emerald Emerald
Malia Plush Velvet - White White

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Berlin Upholstered Bed Frame

The Berlin bed frame features elegant piping and the standard version comes with a silver plush velvet fabric, which can be tailored to your tastes.

The Berlin bed frame is a glorious addition to any bedroom, channelling the style ethos of one of the world’s most glamorous cities. You will appreciate the silver plush velvet fabric finish, which creates a striking style for this hand upholstered finished bed frame.

Of course, with bespoke bed frames that can be tailored to your tastes, you don’t have to opt for the silver plush velvet fabric style. You can select from a wide range of colours and fabrics. No matter what shade and material would make the Berlin bed frame most appealing, you can have it crafted your way.

You will want to see the piping around the headboard and the foot end. This is an elegant touch, touching on an Art Deco style and reinforcing the classic style of this bed frame. With a hand upholstered style, you will love the bespoke nature of the Berlin bed frame.

You can also rest assured that the functionality of the Berlin bed frame is good enough to meet your needs. The headend stands at 158cm tall, while the foot end for the bed stand 79cm high.

No matter the room you look to place the Berlin bed frame in, you will find an ideal option for your needs. There is a 5’0 kingsize option, a 4.6 double, and you can even choose a 4’0 small double. Every household is catered for, so if you want to add a touch of elegance to any bedroom, we think the Berlin bed frame is a fantastic choice.

The mature elegance of the hand finish, bringing to mind the glory days of Art Deco, should ensure you love this bedroom feature from the start. There is no excuse for not welcoming the Berlin bed frame to your home with bespoke options.

* Bedframe only. Other fabrics and colours are available please call or email for more information.

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Single 158 97 214 79
Small Double 158 128 214 79
Double 158 144 214 79
King 158 159 222 79
Super King 158 189 222 79

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