Duchess Chesterfield Table Stool
Duchess Chesterfield Table Stool...
Duchess Chesterfield Stool Table
Duchess Chesterfield Table Stool
Duchess Chesterfield Stool Table

Duchess Chesterfield Table Stool Linen - Black Small 61x41cm

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Duchess Chesterfield Table Stool

The Duchess Chesterfield table stool is an exquisite addition to any home. No matter where it is in the room, it demands attention. The striking Emerald Green ensures it fits with any décor or style, and the deep buttoned Chesterfield design is a timeless classic.

This is a style that people instantly love. It is possible to furnish this rectangular table stool in any fabric or colour, but many stick with the original stool. We feel this is a classic, but it is how it fits in your bedroom that matters most. If you want to customise the stool to suit your colour scheme, you can do so as the stool features hand furnishings.

A stunning stool with customisable features is often the starring element in a room. However, the Duchess Chesterfield table stool can be combined with a bed frame and Ottoman, ensuring consistency in one of the most essential rooms in the house.

The vibrant straight golden metal legs perfectly offset the deep and luxurious Emerald Green finish, and we think the overall appearance of this table stool is charming.

No matter the stunning appearance, though, we appreciate a table stool must be functional for its surroundings. You can enjoy a small footstool with dimensions of 61x41cm. If you have more space in your room, you might opt for the large table stool, with dimensions of 92x61cm.

Anyone who adores the Art Deco movement will find this table stool an ideal addition to their home. Handcrafted with love and great attention to detail, you’ll run your hands over the beautiful deep button Chesterfield finish time and time again.

Rarely has comfort looked and felt so beautiful at the same time, but this is no ordinary table stool. Thankfully, you don’t need to compromise when you welcome the Duchess Chesterfield table stool into your home.

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The Duchess Chesterfield table stool has a striking green finish, coupled with gorgeous deep buttons. This is a functional and beautiful addition to any home.

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